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Many residents of the Valley take their furnace or heater for granted. With the many days that we never have to worry about them, we are often caught off guard when the cold winter nights arrive and we're left without heat. If or when that happens, you can count on Arctic Fox Air Conditioning & Heating to immediately come to your home and repair your heater.

Types of heaters

Homes throughout the Phoenix area have one of two types of heaters: traditional furnaces and heat pumps. The heater technicians at Arctic Fox are fully trained to repair both types of heaters quickly in order to keep your home comfortable and cozy.


Most furnaces are gas fired, but there are some electric ones. The furnace professionals at Arctic Fox will perform a complete diagnostic of your furnace to ensure that all problems are properly addresses. Here is a checklist of potential problems that we look for:
  • Look for Any Gas Leaks
  • Inspect Motors and Capacitors
  • Check Pilot Light
  • Inspect Furnace Filters
  • Analyze Thermostat for Proper Operation
  • Inspection of Heating Anticipator
  • Check for Carbon Monoxide
  • Ensure Proper Sequence of Operation
  • Retest the Flame Sensors
  • Check for Proper Flue Venting
  • Ensure Adequate Make-Up Air

Once these have all been examined and repairs are made, our furnace technicians will turn the system on to make sure there is no "poof" lighting on the pilot light, and make sure that the ignition is smooth. We also test to make sure that no carbon monoxide is leaking into your home. Finally, we check the temperature that is coming out of the vents to ensure that your home's furnace is operating optimally.

Some of the common parts that we may replace in your furnace include motors, control boards, hot surface ignitors, flame sensors, faulty sensors, and gas valves. All of the furnace technicians at Arctic Fox carry many of these parts on their trucks. Some parts are unique and may require locating, but we have the resources to get them very fast.

Heat pumps

Repairing a heat pump follows the same process as repairing an air conditioning unit. That's because a heat pump is an air conditioning unit running in reverse. The heat pump professionals at Arctic Fox are fully trained in all aspects of heat pumps and can make repairs and have heat back in your home quickly.

The most common problems that we face with a heat pump are blower motors, condenser fan motors, capacitors, and contacts. All of the heat pump technicians at Arctic Fox are equipped to handle any of these problems. Here is a list of other common malfunctions that we inspect for:
  • Malfunctioning Thermostats
  • Analysis of Control and Circuit Boards
  • Inspection of Control Sensors
  • Inspection of Blower Motors and Wheels
  • Inspection of the Compressor
  • Make Sure There are no Clogged Coils
  • Inspection of the Defrost Control

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Arctic Fox Air Conditioning & Heating repairs heat pumps and furnaces in homes throughout the West Valley and Phoenix. Some of the West Valley communities we install new air conditioning units include Sun City, Buckeye, Surprise, Peoria, and Glendale. To have Arctic Fox come to your home for heater repair, call (623) 533-5718 or send us an email today.

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