Water Heater Repair

Living without hot water?

These are not pleasant thoughts: Waking up to the reality of a cold shower. Or washing your dishes or laundry with cold water. If that day comes, it's time to call Arctic Fox Air Conditioning & Heating. Our technicians are trained to repair both gas and electric hot water heaters with the goal of getting your system up and running so that you can carry on with your day.

Types of water heaters

Gas water heaters

This type of hot water heater is designed with a gas valve that cycles itself on and off as the water heats and cools in the tank. Most gas water heaters have a pilot light that heats the tank at the bottom. The pilot flame is controlled by a thermocouple. Gas hot water heaters are built with a safety valve, usually located on top, which controls water pressure. If the pressure in the tank of the gas water heater gets to high, it will open allowing the water to safely be discharged to an area that will do no damage. Gas hot water heaters are also built with a flu that discharges the harmful fumes to the outside of your home.

Arctic Fox is highly trained in all aspects repairing gas hot water heaters with a focus on professionally making repairs and providing you with a safe and reliable hot water. Our technicians go through a complete checklist when diagnosing your gas water heater to make sure that all important components are operating properly.

Electric water heaters

Electric hot water heaters use heating elements to create hot water. These elements are located on the top and bottom of the water tank. Both heating elements are controlled by thermostats to keep the water at the desired temperature. Just like gas water heaters, they are protected by a temperature and pressure relief valve.

The technicians at Arctic Fox are trained to make professional repairs to electric water heaters. We can replace thermostats, heating elements, temperature and pressure valves, dip tubes, and anode rods. A common problem that we fix is the drain at the bottom of the electric water heater tank. This is remedied with the installation of a new drain valve.

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