Water Heater Maintenance

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Few household issues are more aggravating than learning your water heater isn't working for showering, laundry or dishes. Do your future self a favor and make sure your water heater is always ready when you need it with the help of Arctic Fox Air Conditioning & Heating. Our technicians are trained in the installation, repair, inspection, and preventive maintenance of water heaters.

Water heater maintenance service

During a maintenance service on an electric hot water heater, we inspect the temperature and pressure relief valve to make sure that it is not seized up. Both the top and bottom heating elements are inspected for proper operation. The water from the tank is drained through the bottom drain inspecting the contents for any abnormalities. Finally, we check the emergency shut off valve directly above the tank of the water heater to make sure that it working properly.

On gas hot water heaters, the technicians at Arctic Fox give special attention to all fixtures that bring gas into the burners. This includes inspection of the burner, the flue, and all piping and connections that the gas flows through. We use a meter to detect any carbon monoxide leaks. We also inspect the temperature and pressure relief valve and emergency shut off valve for proper operation. Finally, we drain the tank of the water heater to remove sediment from the bottom.

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An Arctic Fox Air Conditioning & Heating technician can provide periodic water heater maintenance service for your home's gas or electric water heater. Ask your Arctic Fox technician for more details on specific water heater maintenance programs that are available. Email us or give us a call at (623) 533-5718 today.

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